December 2019 Update

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Thank you for your interest in tccodes – Traverse City’s coding community.

We are excited to share that tccodes services continue to grow and expand with the addition of new content and presenters. Participants experienced a new variety of session formats this past month including lecture, hands-on, small learning group, and panel discussions. Thank you for your positive feedback!

Otto Schnurr of TechSmith kicked-off November with “Demystifying Machine Learning”. The talk featured a machine learning demo with his app “learning” dog breeds from an image data set and then identifying breeds as he used his phone to capture random images from a book of dogs. Otto lives in Lansing but grew up in Traverse City. We’re hoping to get him back to support additional advanced topics.

Justin Gauthier delivered a flawless “Introduction to Git” session that was right sized for an audience of both beginners and experienced coders. He discussed the essentials of version control, demonstrated several workflows, and introduced GitHub. Justin is a core member of the 20Fathoms team, and we’re very fortunate to have him join the list of tccodes’ presenters. Look for more sessions by Justin in 2020!

We’re continuing our efforts to support new developers with more in-depth experiences. Our small learning group has just completed their first course – Python, using online content provided by Udemy. This content is exceptional, and we’ve been able to purchase for each participant due to courses frequently going on sale at a very low cost. While online content is great for transferring knowledge, we know learning takes more. Our initial pattern is to complete course milestones individually and then meet as a group for code review and discussion. The team is moving on to “REST APIs with Flask and Python” in January. Watch the 20Fathoms events page for more information on how to join this learning community.

tccodes most significant accomplishment was providing our first “Hands-On” session for our professional developers. Introductory sessions always feature hands-on experiences using our Raspberry Pi-based IoT Greenhouse model, but advanced sessions have been limited to “talks”. You asked for more, and Derek Smith of Naveego delivered with a “Hands-On: Introduction to Docker” session using AWS WorkSpaces.

An AWS WorkSpace instance was spun-up for each participant and then torn down the day after at minimal cost. Our rollout of these preconfigured virtual learning environments had some issues, but Derek was able to adjust on the fly. Check out our next iteration of these AWS WorkSpaces for Learning at this week’s “Hands-On: Introduction to Kubernetes” session provided by Derek. Our monthly social hour will follow.

The December schedule is a little light due to the holiday, but we have big plans for tccodes in the coming year. Look for additional git and GitHub sessions, a specific focus on front-end development, and introductory C#. I am excited about what we have accomplished. At just four months old, tccodes has had ten presenters and five tech companies deliver content and experiences.

We’re working hard to create a coding community with a focus on your professional development needs. Contact me directly if you’d like to know more about tccodes services, and if you know of others that may be interested, please spread the word. Have a wonderful holiday!

Giving Thanks

Our coding community is redefining software development in Traverse City! Thank you to our companies and professionals for all the successful tccodes events. Also, thank you to the tccoders that worked this month’s Boomerang and TCNewTech events.
Finally, thank you to the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity for funding our employer collaborative and learning community through their MICA 2.0 initiative.



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