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tccodes Breakpoint
Our Community Newsletter
Vol. 1, No. 1, January 2020

Welcome to the first edition of the “tccodes Breakpoint” newsletter. If you would like to see prior community updates, please visit our new webpage for our archives. If this is the first tccodes update that you’ve received, welcome to the community!


While December services were reduced due to the holiday season, we were still able to provide a few new coding and collaborating opportunities. Thank you to all our facilitators and corporate supporters. Here are some December highlights:


Course: Hands-On: Introduction to Kubernetes
Facilitator: Derek Smith
Company: Naveego


This session was significant for two reasons:

First, this was a follow up to the November session on Docker and our second opportunity to use “AWS WorkSpaces for Learning”. tccodes has coined this term to describe using the elastic nature of the Cloud for our short-term technical workshops. By using AWS WorkSpaces, a WorkSpace image is spun up for each participant just prior to the training and then shut down shortly after. Each participant accesses their virtual instance to follow along with the presenter and complete coding activities. This lean approach enables hands-on experiences with complex software frameworks without the requirement to install any toolchain. No installs create a richer experience with more time on task. Additionally, these services are provisioned for each member at a very low cost.


This high-quality BYOD experience is another example of how tccodes is innovating in professional development services for area software developers.


Creating Synergy in our Coding Community!

The second big take-away from the evening was the brainstorming and prioritization completed by the attending professionals during our social hour that followed the session. Potential workshop topics captured from both prior sessions and employer conversations were displayed on the 20Fathoms kitchen wall. While participants enjoyed their pizza and conversation, they multi-voted on these topics and brainstormed additional sessions. The synergy of great minds, pizza, and beverages worked! We had our wish list for 2020.


The new year is off to a fantastic start and I am so impressed with our evolving community of developers and subject experts. I published our wish list and started follow-ups with previous and new presenters. Check out their response below and the incredible lineup of new workshops for the coming months.

tccodes is a talent development initiative hosted by 20Fathoms and funded through a MICA 2.0 grant provided by Michigan’s Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity. The project was pitched by 20Fathoms as an educational startup for area software developer professionals. The project is one of sixteen in the State and the only in the Northwest Prosperity Region.


At six months old, the project has delivered some impressive statistics including:

1. Created a network of 160 individuals and 25 companies.

2. Delivered 17 training events and workshops.

3. Trained over 100 in basics to the newest cloud technologies.

4. Received outstanding reviews from participants, employers, and the State.




January 14

RESTful APIs with Python – A Study Group

Keith E. Kelly

January 22

Front-End Developer Crash Course: Part 1 – HTML/CSS

Justin Gauthier

January 30

Onion Architecture with TDD – Getting Started

Ryan Beaver

February 12

Understanding Git: A Mental Model

Joe Gibson

February 20

Best practices for healthy code, products, and teams

Dan Hellem

February 27

Building Systems with Microservices

Derek Smith

March 12

Intro to User Experience Design

Jason Amor

March 26

Software Security and Design Principles

Jacob Holcomb


For additional details on these workshops and the complete schedule of tccodes events, visit the website. Follow the session link to enroll. You can also view these along with other community events on the page.


TCNewTech Update with guest, Michelle Cordano

Finally, we were very fortunate to have the State of Michigan’s IT Talent Development Liaison, Michelle Cordano, join us for a short presentation at last week’s TCNewTech event on the tccodes initiative and its fit within broader statewide talent development efforts. See the sidebar for additional details.


Michelle was very impressed by the TCNewTech turnout and our vibrant IT community. She’ll be working with our community to capture best practices and recommendations that will be shared with State leadership charged with creating the computer science education plan for Michigan.


We’re working hard to expand Traverse City’s  coding community with a focus on your professional development needs. Contact me directly if you’d like to know more about tccodes services and if you know of others that may be interested, please spread the word. Hoping to see you at a tccodes workshop in the coming months!





Keith E. Kelly

20Fathoms | Program Manager – tccodes

101 North Park Street
Traverse City, MI 49684