30 Days of Python with teclado

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So, you’re sequestered – what a great time to commit to professional development! How about learning to code with Python, the fastest growing and possibly the most popular programming language? 20Fathoms and tccodes are delivering new virtual services, and we’re excited about this opportunity to support and extend teclado’s “30 days of Python” project. We’ve been using their content for prior workshops, and Jose Salvatierra, the instructor, is exceptional!

What to expect from teclado?

teclado is providing a series of blog posts designed to guide you through the fundamentals of Python coding. They’re adding exercises and projects to make sure you have a solid understanding and ability to use the basics. Content starts on April 1, but you’ll be able to catch up if you’re late. The training series is free! See the blog link above to sign up for notifications.

What to expect from 20Fathoms and tccodes?

20Fathoms is looking for new ways to support our tech hub community and working to provide more virtual support. This series from teclado is just in time! Our goal is to provide free wrap-around services to help extend the experience and support our learners. Keith will provide the following instructional support to the group.

  • Assist with installation of coding resources. We’ll be standardizing on Visual Studio Code development.
  • Support through virtual office hours three days a week.
  • Deliver video conference sessions enabling participants to review solutions and discuss.

How to get started?

  1. Sign up for the teclado “30 Days of Python” at https://blog.tecladocode.com/30-days-of-python
  2. View Jose’s series introduction on YouTube at https://youtu.be/tvRqzYI0akA
  3. To participate in the related 20Fathoms learning group, enroll at http://bit.ly/tccodes2004b04
  4. Install Visual Studio Code with Python support. See detailed at http://bit.ly/tccodes-vscode We’ll also review during the first tccodes session.

Look for more details to be posted here!